• Very excited to meet Writer Jeyamohan after seven years. I went on a cross country road trip with him, his wife Writer Arunmozhi Nangai and Composer Rajan Somasundaram.
  • Participated in Boone Literary Camp organized by VLC – spoke in two sessions (Science Fiction & Kambaramayanam)
  • Organized two “Meet the Author” events for Writer Jeyamohan at Folsom public library & Walnut Creek,CA.
  • Wrote an article about Venmurasu in Syamanthakam, a collection of articles, celebrating 60 years of Writer Jeyamohan.
  • Vishnupuram Literary Circle has started Ka.Na.Su discussion forum. Gave a short speech on Writer Yuvan Chandrasekar’s short story collection – “Neerparavaigalin Dhyanam

Technology: (Along with Mahendrarajan Chandrasekaran)

  • Conducted 2022 VPT programming qualifier contest on Dec 31st. We were unsure of students participation, if we conduct the contest on New Year’s eve. But we decided to go ahead, as who ever shows up on New Year’s eve will be motivated enough. Twenty teams signed up and ten teams submitted their code. We will announce the results in a week.
  • We started some open source projects with students who won the 2021 VPT contest. We will continue them in 2022 as well. Happy to note that one of the team which won the 2021 VPT contest, went ahead and won the first prize (₹ 1,00,000) in Smart India Hackathon.
  • Translated two articles (Story of Infosys (Original: Source Code), “How to Start a Startup” – Paul Graham) into Tamil and they were published in “Kizhakku Today” website.

2022 is a satisfying year. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year.

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